Since July 2016 we have been started volunteering ! We are on WorkAway, HelpX, and we are also TwamHost !

A first team of six volunteers just arrived this month because we thought that “a second hand” in the guest-house and with the community could be nice.

Here are lot of things to do.

We started many projects ; the Mongol government gave us a land on which we want to make a “showroom” of eco-projects to share with the community and nomads… We want to build a house made out of plastic bottles and we have already started to prepare the ground for an eco-garden by using permaculture and Benjes. We have built two compost areas ; one at the guest-house and another one at the land.

We have a small house near the Khuvsgul Lake and we would love to build a garden there too.

The people of the community and their kids are walking in and out the guest-house which create a “family atmosphere”. We all work together and whenever someone needs help in the community, we will be there. For example in the self-made production of our women’s group !

The kids also needs attention, especially on their three month of summer holiday when they can be on their own… (language lessons, theme day with games for example…)

Finally, we have started this volunteer program but we still need help in the organisation of the program ! That include : internet help like the website or the blog for travellers !

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