Facilities and services

Guest-house services
  • Laundry 15000T
  • Shower for visitor 3000T
  • Print passport copy 500T
  • Border permit management for National Park and permit for sport fishing permit 20000T~30000T
  • Providing visa support and booking hotels and tickets
Transport services
  • Taxi to bus station 3000T
  • Taxi to airpot 15000T
  • Taxi to Deerstones 50000T (with a tour guide 80000T)
  • Taxi to Hatgal 100000T (one way)
  • Taxi to Janhai 150000T
  • Taxi to market 2000T
  • Booking bus ticket 5000T per person
  • Booking plane ticket 20000T per person
  • Car rental
  • Motobike 45000T per day with deposit
  • Bicycle 20000T per day with deposit
Local experiences
  • Traditional concert 80000T~100000T
  • Shaman’s ceremony 100000T~200000T
  • Local tour guide, English or Russian speaking 80000T~100000T per day
Hiring items (for 5~7 days)
  • Sleeping bag 30000T
  • Sleeping bag + kitchen gears 50000T
  • Tent 40000T
  • Traditional coat (deel) 40000T
  • Hat and gloves 15000T
  • Mattress 10000T
  • Boots 5000T