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Summer trips example
  • Horse riding around Khuvsgul lake.
  • Camel and Yak riding
  • Reindeer and horse riding around the Taiga to the Reindeer tribes
  • Seeing real Shaman Ceremony around Darhad Valley and the Taiga
  • Visiting historical place such as Deer Stones, Sacred Ovoo, Caves and hot springs
Winter adventure trips example
  • Snow sledding
  • Hiking and camping at winter Reindeer camps


  • Around Hövsgöl Lake (5~7 days)
  • To Hot springs next East Hövsgöl Lake (7~10 days)
  • To Darhad Depression (7~10 days)
  • From Hövsgöl to Darhad and East and West Taïga (14~21 days)
  • Darhad Valley from Tsagaanour, Penchinlhumbe to Jigleg and Hatgal (14~21 days)
Tsaatan tours
  • From Tsagaanour to East and West Taïga (5~10 days including transportation)
  • From Ulaan-Uuk (Soya bag) to West Taïga (5~10 days)
  • Quick tour from Tsagaanour to East Taïga (5 days)
  • Single : 150 US$ per day
  • 2 people : 200 US$ per day
  • 3 people : 240 US$ per day
  • 4 people : 280 US$ per day
  • 5-6 people : 300-350 US$ per day

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When you travel to Taïga Tsaatan tour :

  • Accomodation in Tsagaanour or Ulan-Uuk : 10000~15000T per night
  • In Tsagaanour you could also pay for the T.C.V.C Guest-house : 10000T
  • If you want to put your tent on a Tsaatan family’s area you should pay 10000~15000T per tent
  • You should bring your own food and if you hire a tour-guide and/or a translator you should provide his or her meals
  • If you want to give a gift and tip it could be ok but ask us before which gifts are practical necessary